The Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation was completed. The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated. Please visit the following website for the latest information on Yuen Long South Development Area:

Study Overview 


Turning Constraints into Opportunities

Key Issues & Constraints Opportunities
Land Use Planning
  • Proliferation of open storage yards, warehouses, workshops and industrial uses
  • Review the land uses of the degraded brownfield land to improve the local environment
  • Abandoned agricultural land and livestock farms
  • Optimise development potential of degraded brownfield and abandoned land for beneficial uses
  • Environmental, traffic, localised flooding, fire safety and industrial/residential interface problems
Existing Villages &   Residential Developments
  • Low-rise residential developments and non-indigenous villages within the PDAs
  • Give due consideration to existing
    residential communities and local
  • Other residential communities to the immediate surroundings of the PDAs
  • Potential environmental problems and land contamination from roads, industrial operations and livestock farms
  • Address environmental problems
  • Preserve natural landscape, ecological and cultural heritage resources and explore recreational uses
  • Create sustainable and livable communities
  • Lack of direct external access
  • Enhance road capacity of and linkage of the PDAs with Yuen Long Highway
  • Limited capacity of Yuen Long Highway
  • Improve local roads with possible beautification of Yuen Long Nullah
  • Narrow and sub-standard local roads with limited space for pedestrian and road widening
  • Provide pedestrian facilities
Drainage and Sewerage
  • Limited capacity of the existing drainage and sewerage systems
  • Improve capacity of the local infrastructure
  • Compliance with Deep Bay zero discharge requirement
  • Enhance aesthetic attractiveness of the nullahs
  • Presence of marble-bearing rocks and complicated structural conditions
  • Undertake ground investigation works with appropriate building designs
Land Ownership
  • Multiple and complicated land ownership
  • Examine appropriate implementation mechanisms



  • Limited Government land
  • Presence of graves within the PDAs
Planning & Urban Design Context
  • Lack of integration with Yuen Long New Town
  • Determine appropriate development intensity and urban design
  • Set in among the high and medium-density Yuen Long New Town, the natural backdrop of the Country Park, and surrounded by village settlements and low-rise residential developments
  • Provide visual linkage to the Country Park
  • Explore potential landscape enhancement
  • Enhance integration with Yuen Long New Town and the proposed Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area