Study Overview 


Turning Constraints into Opportunities

Key Issues & Constraints Opportunities
Land Use Planning
  • Proliferation of open storage yards, warehouses, workshops and industrial uses
  • Review the land uses of the degraded brownfield land to improve the local environment
  • Abandoned agricultural land and livestock farms
  • Optimise development potential of degraded brownfield and abandoned land for beneficial uses
  • Environmental, traffic, localised flooding, fire safety and industrial/residential interface problems
Existing Villages &   Residential Developments
  • Low-rise residential developments and non-indigenous villages within the PDAs
  • Give due consideration to existing
    residential communities and local
  • Other residential communities to the immediate surroundings of the PDAs
  • Potential environmental problems and land contamination from roads, industrial operations and livestock farms
  • Address environmental problems
  • Preserve natural landscape, ecological and cultural heritage resources and explore recreational uses
  • Create sustainable and livable communities
  • Lack of direct external access
  • Enhance road capacity of and linkage of the PDAs with Yuen Long Highway
  • Limited capacity of Yuen Long Highway
  • Improve local roads with possible beautification of Yuen Long Nullah
  • Narrow and sub-standard local roads with limited space for pedestrian and road widening
  • Provide pedestrian facilities
Drainage and Sewerage
  • Limited capacity of the existing drainage and sewerage systems
  • Improve capacity of the local infrastructure
  • Compliance with Deep Bay zero discharge requirement
  • Enhance aesthetic attractiveness of the nullahs
  • Presence of marble-bearing rocks and complicated structural conditions
  • Undertake ground investigation works with appropriate building designs
Land Ownership
  • Multiple and complicated land ownership
  • Examine appropriate implementation mechanisms



  • Limited Government land
  • Presence of graves within the PDAs
Planning & Urban Design Context
  • Lack of integration with Yuen Long New Town
  • Determine appropriate development intensity and urban design
  • Set in among the high and medium-density Yuen Long New Town, the natural backdrop of the Country Park, and surrounded by village settlements and low-rise residential developments
  • Provide visual linkage to the Country Park
  • Explore potential landscape enhancement
  • Enhance integration with Yuen Long New Town and the proposed Hung Shui Kiu New Development Area