The Planning and Engineering Study for Housing Sites in Yuen Long South - Investigation was completed. The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated. Please visit the following website for the latest information on Yuen Long South Development Area:

Draft Recommended Outline Development Plan (RODP)


2. Fostering Identity and Respecting Surrounding Environment

Stepped Development Intensity and Building Height Profile

To encourage integration with Yuen Long New Town, the surrounding topography and existing buildings, and considering the air ventilation within the area, we recommend a stepped height profile for Yuen Long South. Taller buildings with a maximum plot ratio of 5 would be located closer to Yuen Long New Town to capitalise upon advantages of the New Town, while the height and density would gradually descend towards Tai Lam Country Park to complement the rural character of the Country Park with a reduced plot ratios of 2.4 and 4. Development intensity of the gateway area of Tong Yan San Tsuen would be higher with plot ratio of 3.5. As existing buildings in Tong Yan San Tsuen are low-rise in nature, we recommend lower plot ratios of 1 and 1.5 for the area to complement the existing residential communities.


Integration with Surrounding Environment

The blue-green networks interwoven by the enlivened and new watercourses/ the preserved natural streams and the green space system form key part of the urban structure. Together with the “Green Zone” and the hillside landscape, they enrich the character of Yuen Long South with harmonious integration of natural and built environment.